Crazy Leftists: Man Intentionally Rammed Truck into Local Fox Station KDFW!

PHOTO: Fox News 4

Article by Bryan Howard

September 5, 2018

According to police on Wednesday morning,  a man intentionally rammed a pick-up truck into KDFW-TV, a Fox-owned television station licensed to Dallas, Texas.

police rushed to the 400 block of N. Griffin Street at around 6:15 a.m after receiving a call regarding the crash. The driver of the Dodge Ram is in police custody “A man crashed a truck into the side of our building this morning. He jumped out and started ranting.” tweeted Fox 4. “He left behind a suspicious bag. Most have been evacuated & a few are working to keep the news on air from a secure location.”

Fox News 4 also reported,

“Bomb squad tech currently evaluating bag left by man who repeatedly crashed into FOX4 building early Wednesday. No reported injuries.”

“Remote controlled bomb robot now on scene outside local Fox News station @FOX4 in Downtown Dallas after man was arrested for repeatedly ramming his truck into the building this morning. Road blocked off as bomb techs work to safely clear the scene.”

suspect pressing an illegible piece of paper up against the station’s window. “This was the man who smashed his truck into our station this morning..throwing papers around while yelling “high treason,” tweeted Brandon Todd of Fox news 4.


Tiffany Liou from Fox News 4 reported “An employee at FOX4 tells me a truck crashed into their building twice this morning. Papers all over the ground. He says the driver got out screaming about treason. Employees have been evacuated. I have more details I’m trying to confirm. Standby.”

It seems this person more in likely was anti-Trump since he was screaming high treason at Fox News.



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