Chuck Schumer “The Sooner The Better” On Impeaching Trump

Article by Bryan Howard

September 4, 2018

On Monday Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer made an appearance at a Labor Day Parade with a bullhorn.

A bystander asked Schumer, “When are you going to impeach Trump?”

Schumer said into a bullhorn, “The sooner the better.”

“The sooner the better — that’s not answering the question,” said the man.

“We got to get a few Republicans [on our side],” Schumer said. “The Democrats are on your side,” he said, pointing to the man.

However, this is all a pipe dream it takes 2/3 Senate votes to Impeach the President, which means they need 67 senate votes to Impeach. Currently there are 51 Republican Senate seats and their are only 100 senate seats. Democrats would need many Republicans to vote to Impeach Trump.


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