WATCH: PragerU: Left Or Liberal

PHOTO: Prager U

Article by Bryan Howard

September 3, 2018

Dennis Prager created his personal Prager U video “Left Or Liberal” where he breaks down a liberal is not on the left.

“Liberals have always championed and sought to protect Western civilization,” Prager says. “Liberals celebrate the West’s unique moral, philosophical, artistic, musical and literary achievements, and have taught them at virtually every university. The most revered liberal in American political history, President Franklin Roosevelt, often cited the need to protect Western civilization and even ‘Christian civilization.’ Yet, when President Donald Trump spoke of the need to protect Western civilization in a speech in Warsaw, the left-wing media, also known as the mainstream media, denounced him. They argued that Western civilization is no better than any other and that ‘Western civilization’ is just a euphemism for ‘white supremacy.’”


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