Third Accuser Of Kavanaugh Has A History Of Making False Sexual Misconduct Allegations!

PHOTO: Associated Press Article by Bryan Howard September 30, 2018 Julie Swetnick the third accuser against Brett Kavanaugh for sexual misconduct has a history of making false sexual misconduct allegations. Swetnick claimed Brett Kavanaugh was running a gang rape ring when he was 15. It was released by a Portland-based Webtrends who Swetnick attempted to sue... Continue Reading →


Fired Up Lindsey Graham Claims He Will “Launch A Full Scale Investigation” To Find Who Leaked Kavanaugh Accuser’s Letter!

PHOTO: ABC News Screenshot Article by Bryan Howard September 30, 2018 Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gave a unifying speech at the Kavanaugh hearing on Friday, where he called out the Democrats for leaking Christine Blasey-Ford's letter to the media. Democrats denied any leaking happened by them, but Lindsey Graham is not buying their story and... Continue Reading →

Proof Of Farce: Cory Booker stated “a lot more can come out” about Kavanaugh, three days before Ford letter released.

PHOTO: (Joshua Roberts/Reuters) Article by Bryan Howard September 30, 2018 Senator Cory Booker Appeared on Shotimes "The Circus" where he stated "a lot more can come out" about Brett Kavanaugh three days before Christine Blasey-Ford's letter was released. Cory Booker appeared on the Circus for the filming on September 13th after a senate Judicial committee hearing.... Continue Reading →

Senate Judiciary Committee Refers Potential False Allegations Against Kavanaugh For Criminal Investigation!

PHOTO: Screenshot Article by Bryan Howard September 30, 2018 On Saturday the Republican side of the Senate Judiciary Committee was fed up with the false allegations against Brett Kavanaugh they will now turn them over to law enforcement investigation. The outrage came after the fifth allegation against Brett Kavanaugh was recanted. The man claimed while... Continue Reading →

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