EXPLOSIVE: CNN And President Trump Go To War On Twitter!


Article by Bryan Howard

August 30, 2018

CNN was caught lying about the Lanny Davis story where it was claimed Trump knew about a Russian meeting at Trump towers, and CNN is refusing to correct it’s lie. This has led to a twitter war between President Trump and CNN.

On Wednesday evening President Went to Twitter and called out CNN and Carl Bernstein who authored the fake story.

Trump Tweet:

“CNN is being torn apart from within based on their being caught in a major lie and refusing to admit the mistake. Sloppy @carlbernstein, a man who lives in the past and thinks like a degenerate fool, making up story after story, is being laughed at all over the country! Fake News”

CNN unable to accept any criticism of their “FAKE NEWS” decided to respond to President Trump doubling down on their fake story.



CNN Tweet:

“Make no mistake, Mr. President, CNN does not lie. We report the news. And we report when people in power tell lies. CNN stands by our reporting and our reporters. There may be many fools in this story but @carlbernstein is not one of them.”

However, CNN never actually reports a real lie from President Trump, they only report the made up lies CNN creates themselves.



Carl Bernstein decided he was going to jump to twitter and defend his lack of honor and integrity.

Carl Bernstein Tweet:

“.@realdonaIdtrump- I have spent my life as a journalist bringing the truth to light, through administrations of both parties. No taunt will diminish my commitment to that mission, which is the essential role of a free press. @CNN stands by its story, and I stand by my reporting.”



Obviously, the Trump family was not going to back down from this fight CNN wanted and Trump JR. led the way.

Donald Trump JR. Tweet To CNN:

“.@CNN, you just lied again by saying you don’t lie. You said Lanny Davis declined to comment when he was in fact a source. Are you kidding me with this BS. Do you have any journalistic credibility at all? I mean seriously??? You’re a joke!!!”

Donald Trump JR. Tweet to Carl Bernstein:

“.@cnn, Bernstein defend himself by explaining how his story says Lanny Davis declined to comment, yet Lanny Davis himself has apologized for being an anonymous source who inaccurately confirmed the story’s premise? Is Lanny Davis now lying to make himself look bad?! Absurd!”



President Trump like the fighter he is laid down the final knockout blow to CNN showing the are “FAKE NEWS.”

Donald Trump Tweet in response:

““Lanny Davis admits being anonymous source in CNN Report.” @BretBaier Oh well, so much for CNN saying it wasn’t Lanny. No wonder their ratings are so low, it’s FAKE NEWS!”



It is pathetic that CNN actually believes they are doing society a service by creating false stories and hack hit jobs on the President with no evidence. CNN is a dying news outlet that does not want to go out with dignity.


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