Ann Coulter Interview “I Want Trump to ‘Destroy the Media’ if Nothing Else”

Photo: YouTube Screenshot!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 29, 2018

Ann Coulter has been making the rounds in interviews pushing her book, but she is a regular with Breitbart news where she is her most honest.

In this interview Ann Coulter said she just wants President Trump to “destroy the media” – even if nothing else is accomplished by his administration. And Ann said she really loves how Trump is exposing the media’s distaste that the president tweeted about the killing of white farmers occurring in South Africa.

Coulter said:

The more I look at some of the things that Trump is doing, okay maybe he’s never going to act like a president… But I just want him there to destroy things. I want him to destroy the swamp. I want him to destroy the media. And I … want him to expose where the Democratic Party is going with [things like] their chant ‘No borders, no wall, no USA at all,’ [with] Governor Cuomo saying America was never great, [with] New York Times hiring Sarah Jeong who just tweets hatred and venom towards white men.

And now with the South Africa tweet, the media is angry because they want the genocide of white farmers to go through. It’s stunning how Trump really brings out the best of them. And this constant exposure, this constant taunting of them. As much as I wish someone would tap Trump on the shoulder every morning and remind him ‘You’re president. You’re not limited to tweeting. You have lots of powers at your disposal. How about you do some of the stuff you ran on.’

As much as it annoys me that he doesn’t seem to realize he is president, the destruction he is wreaking, maybe we need to destroy before we can rebuild. [Emphasis added]


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