CNN Caught In Reporting Scandal, Lanny Davis Changed Story!

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Article by Bryan Howard

August 28, 2018

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Lanny Davis, admitted on Monday he was the anonymous source for the false CNN report. The report was Cohen cut a deal with Muller, claiming Trump was aware of the Russia meeting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton at Trump Tower before it happened.

Last week Lanny Davis told Anderson Cooper that Cohen did not have information on the Trump tower meeting saying, “I think the reporting of the story got mixed up in the course of a criminal investigation. We were not the source of the story.”

Lanny Davis told BuzzFeed that he was the anonymous source for the CNN story on July 26th. His July 26th claim contradicts his claim to Anderson Cooper on live T.V. last week. Davis claimed he didn’t lie but insisted that he “unintentionally misspoke,” and that he “made a mistake.”

BuzzFeed noted this was not the only development to come out of CNN’s repot.

“The original CNN story — broadcast during Chris Cuomo’s prime-time show and written by Jim Sciutto, Marshall Cohen, and Watergate reporting legend Carl Bernstein — said that Davis had “declined to comment.” His involvement in the story, on so-called “background,” has not been previously reported.”

Yes, you read that right. CNN claimed they reached out to Lanny Davis about the claim of the anonymous source and said Lanny Davis “declined to comment.” This was wildly deceptive considering we now know Lanny Davis was the anonymous source.

According to the Daily Wire:

“Things just went from bad to worse for CNN with this BuzzFeed News piece,” NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck told The Daily Wire. “CNN’s decision to have Davis serve as their source and then allow him to claim on the record that he was declining comment was not only deceptive but straight up lying to their readers and viewers. It’s a textbook example of why anonymous sourcing runs into problems.”

CNN refused to admit any wrong doing in their reporting by stating to BuzzFeed, “We stand by our story, and are confident in our reporting of it.”

“In addition to Davis’ backtracking, Michael Cohen testified twice to Congress that he personally did not know about the meeting in advance,” The Daily Caller reported. “This contradicts CNN’s claim that Cohen was present when Trump learned the Trump Tower meeting was set to occur.”

CNN seems to be getting caught in a blatant lie or hack job journalism every week since Trump took office. This is exactly why CNN ratings are plummeting and will eventually close their doors if they don’t change their ways.



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