President Trump Cuts $200 Million In Economic Aid From Hama-Palestinian Authority!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 27, 2018

President Donald Trump establishes yet again America comes first by cutting economic aid to Palestinian leaders. More than $200 million was cut and will be redirected elsewhere.

On Friday, a State Department spokesperson said the administration wanted “to ensure these funds are spent in accordance with U.S. national interests.” The removal of aid is due to the Taylor Force Act that was passed in June, which is making sure money is only spent on special projects that help the United States.

Palestinian Authority was using the aid money as stipends to family of dead terrorists  who carried out successful terror attacks against Jews, and they’ve used aid from U.S.-taxpayers in order to pay these stipends.

The Taylor Force Act demanded them to end these disgusting abuses of aid or face losing more aid.

UNRWA is an agency that defends the Palestine Authority and has demanded we keep providing aid to terrorist States. This led the United states to cut $65 million to UNRWA in January.


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