David Hogg Caught Using Conspiracy Theories And False Claims!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 26, 2018

The foul mouthed, uneducated, Immoral political activist David Hogg is spewing his hatred and false claims again across social media. Hogg claimed a conspiracy that the NRA is pulling strings to get people to buy more guns.

David Hogg’s claim comes after Betsy DeVos proposed using federal funding for teachers to buy guns.

Hoggs Twitter claim:

“So we can’t

-afford textbooks for our children

-regularly fund inner-city schools

-pay our teachers a livable salary

-have free public college

Yet, we can arm teachers sounds like the @NRA is pulling strings to increase gun sales in a record low year.”

David Hoggs claim is false on many levels for instance gun sales are not at record lows.

Stephen Gutowski, a reporter for the Free Beacon who is widely considered to be one of the most knowledgeable reporters on everything related to firearms, fact-checked Hogg’s claim:

“There have been about 1 million more FBI background checks, the most reliable indicator of gun sales, this year than last year and this year is on pace to be the second-best in the history of NICS. So, no, gun sales are not experiencing a record low year.”

Gutowski continued:

“Here’s the FBI report that shows the number of checks every month since NICS began. For a number of reasons, NICS check numbers are not a one-to-one representation of gun sales but nearly every sale of a new gun and many used sales require a NICS check. …”

David Hogg never responded to being called out for his false claims like the coward he is. This is part of a long history of David Hogg using false claims and conspiracy theories and never being held accountable for his actions by the media that props him up.

If David Hogg does run for a political office he will be destroyed by his Republican counterpart if he keeps using false claims at will.


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