WATCH: Ben Shapiro Bashes Critics Of Mike Pence’s Christianity: “There’s A Baseline Level Of Hatred For Christians On The Cultural Left”

PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

Ben Shapiro Conservative thought leader and head editor of the Daily Wire goes on Fox News where he speaks up for Mike Pence and Christians.

Ben Shapiro stats:

“This is how you got Trump. I sort of get tired of using that phrase but this is legitimately how you got Trump. You say that Mitt Romney’s the worst guy in the world, and before that, John McCain was the worst guy in the world, and then Republicans are like, “Fine. How about if we just nominate this guy. Right? This guy who just punches everything. How about that?”

“And then, it turns out that no matter how bad the Republican supposedly is, the next Republican will inevitably be even worse. Mike Pence will certainly be worse; he’s a worse person, a scarier person than Donald Trump. You always think that there’s some limit to the lengths to which the Left will go to portray a Republican as bad, but no matter how much they hate Trump, the next guy they’ll hate just as much or more because he’s the next guy. That’s just how it works.”


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