Ted Cruz Tackles School Safety!

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has put together some great ideas on targeting the school shooting issues. On Tuesday Cruz proposed legislation that would allow Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grants to be used for enhanced school safety infrastructure.

According to the Daily Wire:

“The text of the legislation reads in part:

That funds made available under this heading for and allotted to States…may be used by the States, to improve school conditions for student learning by enabling local educational agencies to use such funds for the purpose of installing infrastructure and implementing technology or other measures, that strengthen security on school premises, which may include –

(1) controlling access to school premises or facilities, through the use of metal detectors or other measures, or technology, with evidence-based effectiveness…

(2) implementing any technology or measure, or installing any infrastructure, to cover and conceal students within the school during crisis situations;

(3) implementing technology to provide notification to relevant law enforcement and first responders during such a situation;

(4) implementing any technology or measure, including hiring school security officers, or installing any infrastructure, with evidence-based effectiveness…to increase the safety of school students and staff;

(5) implementing any technology or measure, or installing any infrastructure, for school safety reinforcement, including bullet-resistant doors and windows; and

(6) implementing any technology or system that would reduce the time needed to disseminate official information to parents regarding the safety of their children during and immediately following a crisis.”

Cruz released the following statement about the legislation: “In the face of evil, horrific, violent attacks on our students, local school boards, teachers, and communities across the country have united to find a solution. By expanding the use of these grants, this amendment empowers our local community leaders and education officials with the resources they need to harden our schools and hire school safety officers to keep our children safe.”

Many on the Left complained about allowing the spending on the improvement on school infrastructure to prevent school shooting for odd reasons. I guess they believe their idea of having a buckets of rocks to throw at the shooter is a more effective idea.


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