DNC had to backtrack on hacking claim yet again!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 23, 2018

The Democratic National Committee has been understandably obsessed about their systems being hacked into since 2016 scandal. On Wednesday the DNC had to retract their claim of hacking within minutes of contacting the FBI.

According to the New York Times described the alleged hacking as “aggressive” attack, claiming that the “hackers set up a fake page that mimicked the party’s login page for its voter-registration website, a tactic that could gather names, passwords and other credentials of those using the voter database.”

Bob Lord, chief security officer for the Democratic National Committee, said, “This attempt is further proof that there are constant threats as we head into midterm elections, and we must remain vigilant in order to prevent future attacks.”

However, late Wednesday Democrats had to retract their statements of the alleged hacking as nothing more than a test.

“We, along with the partners who reported the site, now believe it was built by a third party as part of a simulated phishing test on VoteBuilder,” Lord said in a new statement. “The test, which mimicked several attributes of actual attacks on the Democratic party’s voter file, was not authorized by the DNC, VoteBuilder nor any of our vendors.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI stated that “there is no current evidence to suggest any meddling in the upcoming midterm elections in November,” according to Fox News’ reporting of a letter they obtained from both government agencies.


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