Mike Pence The Greatest Vice President Since John Adams!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 16, 2018

Mike Pence is the greatest Vice President in modern history, but now it is not an opinion only held by everyday conservatives. Ohio congressman Steve Chabot believes you need to go as far back as 1789 to find a Vice President at this level. Pence is “the greatest vice president of the United States, well, since John Adams,” U.S. John Adams was the first Vice President in United States History.

Steve Chabot made statement after a Mike Pence speech in Cincinnati.

Steve Chabot statements:

“I really do think there’s a very good chance that Mike Pence will be the next Republican President of the United States after Donald Trump,” Chabot wrote a day after the vice president’s appearance.

Steve Chabot continued saying he believes Mike Pence will become the next Republican President.

“Whether there will be a Democratic President in the interim of course, remains to be seen. But, in my humble opinion, Mike Pence is likely to be making decisions in the Oval Office one day.”

Mike Pence has proven his value being a part of the greatest conservative administration in modern history. Pence would be a great President one day and hopefully it will happen in 2024, which I believe will be the case since there will be a new census in 2020. The Census will change the values of electoral college points for states and it is projected to favor Red states.


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