WATCH: Cuomo Say’s ANTIFA Fight Is Moral On CNN!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 14, 2018

Chris Cuomo on CNN said ANTIFA violence is not bad because it is against whom they deem hateful. He even goes on to claim ANTIFA’s fight is moral and justified. Main Stream media like CNN has now placed a hit on every Conservative’s head by ANTIFA because ANTIFA believes anyone who disagrees with them are racists, even though being Conservative means you oppose racism in any form. CNN should be held accountable for any violent attack made against a Conservative going forward for this statement from Cuomo.


“All punches are not equal morally,” Cuomo said. “In the eyes of the law, yes.”

“When someone comes to call out bigots and it gets hot, even physical, are they equally wrong as the bigot they are fighting?” Cuomo asked. “I argue no. Fighting against hate matters … drawing a moral equivalency between those espousing hate and those fighting it because they both resort to violence emboldens hate, legitimizes hateful belief, and elevates what should be stamped out.”

Cuomo then attacked President Donald Trump for condemning all violence and all racism ahead of this year’s rally.

“Fighting hate is right,” Cuomo continued, comparing Antifa to civil rights activists and combat soldiers. “That’s why people who show up to fight against bigots are not to be judged the same as the bigots even if they do resort to the same kinds of petty violence.”


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