Shooting From Facebook Argument: Democrat Supporter Shoots Republican Supporter Over Political Argument on Facebook!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 11, 2018

A 44-year-old man who is a registered Democrat got in a heated political debate with a former classmate from Highschool. He loaded up his AR-15 and Glock semi-automatic pistol and drove to the other man’s house, where he shot him twice.

Brian Sebring was arguing with Alex Stephens on Facebook, which led to Brian Sebring to drive to Tampa Bay to Shoot Alex Stephens.  Steve Hegarty, a spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department, stated, “Apparently it started out as something political, something having to do with [President] Trump. We’re not sure what, exactly. It escalated. There were threats, there were nasty comments.” Stephens lived after being shot thigh and buttocks.

Later, Brian Sebring turned himself into the police admitting to the shooting. The Tampa Bay Police Department released that Brian Sebring was charged in 1996 and 1997 for Domestic battery, which means he did not have a permit to carry a gun. Sebring has been charged with felony charges for aggravated battery and carrying a concealed weapon.

The criminal affidavit states that Stephens had sent explicit messages and threats to Sebring before Sebring escalated into shooting Stephens.

Democrat voters are quick to escalate things into violence, which is why all Conservatives need to be cautious in trying to not escalate situations into threats.


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