Hollywood City Council Votes To Remove Trump Star!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 7, 2018

On Monday night the Mayor of West Hollywood announced they voted unanimously voted to remove the Trump star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

The vote comes after the Trump star being destroyed many times over. However, it seems the removal has nothing to do with it constantly being destroyed. West Hollywood city council have been trying to remove the star for some time now because of political differences.

John Duran who is part of west Hollywood cheered for the removal of the Trump star on Twitter.

“West Hollywood City council unanimously passes resolution asking the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove the Donald Trump star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.  #horcruxdestroyed #bellicose #belligerent #unAmericanvalues #MakeAmericaintoAmericaAgain.”

It seems John Duran doesn’t understand Trump’s values are American values, but Leftism is European values. So the only unAmerican is John Duran.


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