WATCH: Video, Assassination attempt on Socialist President of Venezuela!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 5, 2018

Socialist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had an assassination attempt on his life on Saturday! The Claim is 7 drones armed with explosions were detonated near the President.

The Daily Mail reports that three firefighters near the scene, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, claim that the explosion was not from drones but came from “a gas tank explosion inside an apartment.”

However, Maduro claims this was an assassination attempt on his life. He continues to claim the assassination was paid by Columbia and the arrest was made and investigation is underway.

New Conservative Movement will notify if more information breaks on what happened.

Venezuelans have been living in a hell since the Socialist party took over in the late 90’s. The Average citizen over the last year has lost roughly 20 pounds due to lack of food in a Socialist society. Even the President a few days ago admitted the Socialist economic policies are failing. So it would come as no shock citizens may start a coup to take over the country and remove themselves from the tyranny of Socialism.





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