Kids Commie Camp

Article by Bryan Howard

July 22, 2018

There is much to fear of the radical Left, but nothing should fear us more than a Communist Camp for children to be Indoctrinated.  Unfortunately, this has been going on in the United States at Camp Kinderland, also known as “Commie Camp”. The summer camp program, which takes place on their campground in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts.

According to their webpage this is their founding history.

“Camp Kinderland was established in 1923 by Jewish union activists in New York, who wanted to provide a summer escape from the city for working class families. The founders of Kinderland believed that Jewish culture includes a responsibility to social justice. The camp program focused on the labor movement, and other progressive causes. Over the years, we have honored and celebrated the International Brigades in Spain, anti-fascist efforts in the World War II era, economic reform and the civil rights and anti-war movements, among others. Since Kinderland has been around for over three-quarters of a century, camp and campers have been active participants in the history and events that have shaped who we are today.”


In the Beginning years their curriculum is,

1.Folktales and stories relevant to our focus on history and social justice, and an introduction to some Yiddish words and phrases.   Games, artwork and story-telling will enrich the content.

  1. Stories from the Shtetl: how people lived, worked, celebrated and struggled. Stories, poems and plays by Sholem Aleichem and I.L. Peretz make vivid the values and culture of the Eastern European shtetl.  Children will act, write, draw and re-create a shtetl.


In the Middle years the curriculum is:

From Shtetl to Sweatshop: Immigration, tenement life,  sweatshop conditions, building labor unions, then and now.  Stories and poetry, speakers and field trips will illumine the history as well as the present.

From Medieval to Modern:  The Golden Age in Spain:  Jews, Muslims and Christians coexist in peace.  The Inquisition and the Marranos; the Holocaust and resistance.


In the final years of the Summer Camp this is the curriculum for them to graduate!

  1. Identity: Who am I, and why? Who defines us? Readings from literature and philosophy, current and historical.  Anti-Semitism, racism, religion, secularism, Zionism, internationalism.
  2. Social responsibility: from the prophets to the picket lines. Pertinent Bible stories, the abolitionists, the Civil Rights and anti-war movements, issues for today’s activists.
  3. Graduation: Students select a subject for in-depth study and personal reflection, which culminates in a project to be presented at their graduation. They will help shape the graduation ceremony. We will publish a journal comprised of their work.


We see in their curriculum they are teaching secularism, labor unions, protesting ant-war, coexist, internationalism. All of these talking points are the talking points of Stalin. Matter of fact Stalin created the term coexist as a propaganda tool to keep the United States from attacking Russia while he builds up his military to attack us.

Also, on their web page they state the ideas and beliefs they promote.

“We see our job as introducing our campers to new ideas and beliefs that they may not otherwise be exposed to in their everyday lives. We promote an agenda of progressive values; most important, we try to maintain an environment that supports these values. We emphasize cooperation and community; we promote democratic participation and a humane and caring standard of how to treat one another, in and out of camp. And we try to show our campers that by working for social justice, they are part of a greater struggle, in a larger historical context, and a member of a community that supports and encourages their activism.”

This camp is teaching children how to be Social Justice Warrior Activists at young ages before they can be able to critically think about the realities of life. Recently controversy struck when they were having their young campers create ANTIFA flags. ANTIFA is a Left-Wing terrorist organization with the sole purpose to violently overthrow the government to create a Communist nation.

camp commie antifa flag

Here is a video for the promotion of the Camp,

They tried to make a twist in the video that Rush and Glen Beck were crazy people but ironically during the video they proved both their points. You see children learning how to protest and be activists. Starting chants on topics it is impossible for them to understand fully. The video proved they were indoctrinating these poor innocent children.

Camp Kinderland is a 501 C on tax forms which means they qualify as a not for profit. We should not be accepting these horrible people to be allowed to have a camp that pushes children to be communists as a tax write off. This needs to end and the camp needs to be closed today. It is not acceptable in society that we allow Communist ideas to be pushed on children when it caused over 100 million deaths in Europe and Asia.


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