Black Community Support Nearly Doubled For President Trump!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 3, 2018

Rasmussen Report came out with a new poll on Friday with outstanding results. We already know President Trump’s approval rating is at 50% according to the polls, which is 5 % higher than Obama at this time in his presidency.

However, the polls are showing the Black support for Trump has increased drastically by nearly double compared to this time in 2017. The Rasmussen Report poll showed black approval for Trump is at 29%, which this time in 2017 it was at only 15%.

Since President Trump has taken over as President the black unemployment dropped to a record low of 5.9%. Now we are seeing Kanye West and Dennis Rodman openly supporting President Trump. But what is most important Pastor Scott who is a black leader praising Trump as potentially the greatest president for black people in modern history.

Pastor Scott:

“This is probably the most pro-active administration regarding urban America and the faith-based community in my lifetime,” said Pastor Darrell Scott, an early supporter of Trump’s.

“This president actually wants to prove something to our community, our faith-based community and our ethnic community. The last president didn’t feel like he had to. He got a pass,” added Scott. “This is probably going to be… the most pro-black president I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

If President Trump has 30% of the Black vote Democrats have zero chance at winning in 2020.


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