Conservative Movement in Ontario strike back against free money “Basic Income” policy!

Article by Bryan Howard

August 1, 2018

The far-Left Socialists like Bernie Sanders have been beating the drum of Universal Basic Income (UBI), which is where they give a monthly check to every citizen no matter what their income is, or if they work or not. Many young Socialist love this idea because they believe its free money the government gives you. But Ontario, Canada has learned this lesson the hard way after trying it out.

New Conservative government officials were been elected into the city office and said the UBI  is “expensive and unsustainable,” The Guardian reports.

“The previous Liberal government launched the pilot program last year, touting it as a unique three-year foray into a policy touted as a panacea to poverty, bloated bureaucracy and the rise of precarious work.”

“The C$150m pilot recruited 4,000 participants across three regions of the Canadian province, ranging from people working in low-paying or precarious jobs to those on social assistance. Social scientists watched closely as the unconditional payments began to flow last year, tracking whether the funds would improve health, education and housing outcomes.”

The newly elected government said more on the topic of UBI, “On Tuesday, Lisa MacLeod, the Ontario minister responsible for social services, announced the end of the pilot, which she described as ‘quite expensive,’ adding that it was ‘clearly not the answer for Ontario families,’ ” the Guardian reported.

“It was certainly not going to be sustainable,” she said. “Spending more money on a broken program wasn’t going to help anyone.”

UBI has been tried and failed in many countries like Finland who recently had to remove the UBI policy. Unfortunately, UBI has entered the United States already with Stockton in California planned to begin in 2019. And Chicago has already proposed for a UBI bill also.

If the United States decided to jump on the UBI train and make it nationwide it would cost the tax payer Trillions a year. There are roughly 250 million adult citizens in the United States and Democrats are proposing a $10,000-year UBI per citizen. When you do the math, it would cost Tax payers $2.5 Trillion a year. That would mean we would have to double all taxes to be able to afford UBI.



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