Will President Trump wait until after mid-terms to push for the wall?

PHOTO: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Article by Bryan Howard

July 31, 2018

President Trump is pushing hard to keep his promise to build a wall but has been getting push back from congressional Republicans. According to The Wall Street Journal, he’s fine with delaying an immigration battle until after the midterms if it means preserving the Republican majority in Congress.

President Trump threatened to shut government down if a bill for the wall isn’t accomplished. However, the border wall is a highly contested issue and many Republicans were feeling the pressure for their re-election in mid-terms if there was a government shutdown. Which is why President Trump is considering waiting until after mid-terms to push for the wall.

“The president made it very clear to the leadership that a fight was coming and he’s done putting it off,” an administration official told the paper. Trump, however, “understands the political practicalities of having to put it off until after the election but it’s coming in early November and early December.”

“The president sees merit in having this battle after the election,” the official added.

Republicans are projected to keep the Senate but now may be in some trouble for keeping House majority. It would be smart political move to hold off the border wall fight and give Republicans the best shot at retaining the House majority.


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