FBI has long history of collaborating Left wing extremist group Southern Poverty Law Center!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 28, 2018

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an Left-wing organization that falsely labels any ideological opponents as a hate group. Which happens to be every mainstream conservative labeled a hate group.

In 2012 they labeled a Christian organization a hate group which caused a radical leftist to shoot up the organization. They have labeled Ben Shapiro as hateful towards minorities and many other thought leaders of the Conservative movement, for the sole purpose because they disagree with Leftism. They even labeled African Americans like former presidential candidate Ben Carson, and professor of Law Carol Swain because they are Christian and claim the truth about the Democrat party is the party of slavery. Currently the SPLC lost a case brought against them for the false slander worth 3.3 million dollars.

The FBI in 2009 claimed SPLC was a “well-known established credible organization that monitors domestic terrorism in the U.S.”  The SPLC has been allowed to brief the FBI on terror threats that relate to this country. The FBI also stated they welcome groups like this to help report hate crimes, so they can charge the alleged offenders of the hate crime.

This disturbing trend of the FBI collaborating with the SPLC is still ongoing today. Which should fear all conservatives known the fact the FBI as of recently has been a strong arm for the Democrat party.

SPLC is also used by YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to determine what is considered hate speech. This is why we see many conservatives get censored on these social media outlets. The SPLC should be shut down, and the people that run the organization should be put in prison for the damage to society they have caused.


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