David Hogg bashes #Walkaway from Democrats movement and NRA!

Photo: (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Article by Bryan Howard

July 23, 2018

The infamous David Hogg capitalized off his classmate’s unfortunate death earlier this year, but he has been fading into irrelevance quickly. Now David Hogg is chasing the spotlight again targeting the walk away movement from the Democrat party, and of course the NRA.

On Sunday David Hogg ran to Twitter and let out an uneducated rant about people leaving the Democrat party.

“#WalkAway is Russian propaganda #WalkAway is Russian propaganda #WalkAway is Russian propaganda #WalkAway is Russian propaganda #WalkAway is Russian propaganda #WalkAway is Russian propaganda”

“Remember this November we need to vote against Russia”

Clearly David Hogg has not watched any videos of the walk away movement nor reached out to talk to any of them. Instead he will ignorantly judge these individuals as Russian agents spreading propaganda.

However, David Hogg can’t go without blaming the NRA for spreading “Russian Propaganda” Stating,

“November is the time for the American people to #WalkTogether into the polls not as Democrats or Republicans but as Americans in a war against Russian propaganda and fear spread by organizations like NRA”

“Use #WalkTogether to counter this propaganda.”

David Hogg did not stop there, he also had one last statement that may be the most outlandish of all.

“These Midterms could be the last election of our lifetime. VOTE”

Hogg is insinuating if Republicans win mid-terms they will remove voting rights for the people.

CNN should be disappointed in themselves by giving this uneducated child a platform to speak. He is showing his lack of maturity and knowledge on topics for all the public to see. And unfortunately for David, Left Wing radicalism will eventually come to an end and his statements will be held against him in the future when searching employment. CNN used David Hogg as a propaganda tool and ruined his life and neither of them understand this yet. I am a firm believer in children should not be put in situations to talk about serious political issues on mainstream networks because they can’t fully understand all dynamics at play on the topic.


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