The Democrat Party is Running Out of Money!

Photo: The Dark Knight

Article by Bryan Howard

July 21, 2018

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is having issues receiving fundraising, while still having a debt problem within the DNC.

According to the Washington Post during the month of June the Republican National Committee (RNC) has received $14 million in fundraising, while the DNC only received $8 million. The RNC has also raised over $100 million more than the DNC up to this date.

The RNC has $50.7 million cash on hand while the DNC only has $9 million cash on hand.  However, the DNC has a $6.3 million debt that goes along with all of this. The debt came from over spending during the 2016 Clinton presidential run.

The money the DNC has left they are putting towards red states which may smell disaster for the DNC with today’s polarization in politics. Not many people are willing to switch from Republican to Democrat voters.

Democrats out spent Republicans 2-1 in the 2016 election and they lost in all areas of the election. Now they are facing 2018 with a money crisis and no platform besides anti-Trump to run on. The Blue Wave of 2018 seems like it has withered away with no momentum and maybe this is the death of the Democrat party!


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