Trump Economy Keeps Winning, Jobless Claims Lowest Since 1969!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 20, 2018

The Trump economy has revitalized the United States from a stagnant economy under Bush and Obama. Unemployment is under 4%, and wages have increased from President Trump by cutting regulations on corporations. Now we are seeing a new benefit from President Trump’s economy, In mid-July jobless rate has dropped to the lowest since 1969.

The weekly amount of US citizens applying for unemployment benefit insurance has dropped to nearly a 49 year low. The week ending with July 14 dropped 8,000 claims of joblessness down to 207,000 claims for the week. The projection for the week was projected around 220,000 claims but ended up being lower. We have not seen numbers like this since the year 1969 and keep in mind the USA population in 1969 was 202 million people, compared to today’s population in 2018 of 325 million people. As a percentage rate of population jobless Americans is lower than in 1969.

Jobless claims

The graph shows that during most of our lives jobless claims per week hovers around 400,000 per week on average and hit as high as 700,000. It is starting to become undeniable under President Trump we have the greatest economy ever known to man. And the deniers of President Trump’s economy are bordering on delusion and blind hatred showing partisan hackery.


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