Trump Arming Ukraine Against Russia!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 20, 2018

The Trump administration took a hard stance against Russia on Friday by sending $200 million to the Ukraine. This money is for military purposes to arm the Ukrainians against Putin’s Russia.

According to CNN reporter Ryan Brown “In a move likely to irk Moscow, the Pentagon has released $200M in new security assistance to Ukraine days after the Trump-Putin meeting, according to US & Ukrainian officials,” Ryan Browne tweeted. “The funds will go toward counter-artillery radars, vehicles, night vision, comms, & medical equipment.”

If President Trump has been Conspiring with Putin he would be the worst conspiring partner ever. President Trump has taken a strong stance against Russia including last December when he authorized the Ukraine to increase their military spending.

Other strong stances against Russia President Trump has accomplished are his sanctions against Russia that slowed Russian economy. Also, Trump has kicked many Russian diplomats out of the United States and killed hundreds of Russian Mercenaries in Syria. However, I am sure we won’t hear about these strong stances from main stream media.


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