Miami Dolphins Take A Stand Against Kneeling!

Photo: Miami Hearold

Article by Bryan Howard

July 20, 2018

On Thursday afternoon the Miami Dolphins released a policy that will be disciplining players who kneel during the National Anthem. The punishments that will be handed out will be either a suspension, fine, or both.

The NFL set a new “no kneeling” rule last May. Which was in response to the outcry from fans who were offended by the classless act of the players kneeling. The NFL took a massive rating hit due to the kneeling of players and this caused the NFL to act.

Colin Kaepernick was the originator of the National Anthem protest and it spread like a virus after. Colin Kaepernick praised Fidel Castro during this Protest and it showed Kaepernick was truly only protesting in favor of Communism nothing to do with African American rights. This was found offensive for many Dolphins fans due to the many Cuban immigrants in the city. This is more in likely the reason why the Miami Dolphins are taking a strong stand against the protest.


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