Michael Moore Spreading Extreme Conspiracies!

Photo: (Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Article by Bryan Howard

July 18, 2018

Michael Moore put on his tin foil hat claiming crazy conspiracies again! Moore claimed the Russians are holding President Trump hostage. The Left seems to have a lack of rational minded individual’s left on their side of the isle.

Michael Moore said:

“In Trump’s stunning act of open, televised treason yesterday, it is clear the Russians are holding him hostage by whatever they got on him or whatever harm they are threatening to do to a family member of his. For his and our safety, he must be removed from office. 25th Amendment”

Obviously, Moore doesn’t understand what treason is, unless he thinks treason is talking to other leaders in acts of diplomacy! Also, if President Trump was being threatened by Putin why would Trump tell Germany to end their oil deal with Russia? Then Moore jumps into crazy reasoning claiming Trump needs to be removed for his own safety!

Michael Moore may need to be put on medications because that was an unrationed thought. Democrats refuse Moore the Psychological help he needs, instead they raise him on a platform to speak his insanity.


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