Democrats Abolish ICE Bill Went to A Vote!


Article by Bryan Howard

July 18, 2018


The House held a vote on Wednesday over the Abolish ICE Bill. Democrats have been claiming they want to abolish ICE labeling them as a “NAZI” group. This led the Democrats to propose a bill to Abolish ICE.

Republicans called Democrats bluff and brought the Bill to a vote. The results of the vote were in favor of keeping ICE as an organization. The vote was 244 in favor of ICE and 35 not in favor of ICE. Democrats decided to vote against their bill they proposed knowing it was all a political stunt to abolish ICE.

Republicans will likely have a role call in the mid-terms to show how each Democrat voted on this bill, which in turn Republicans can use as a weapon against the Democrats. Democrats are claiming Republicans held this vote as a political stunt and this is why they wouldn’t vote for it.

“It is a meaningless stunt,” New York Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, said before the vote. Nadler said he voted present because “we have more important things to do.”


“This is exactly the kind of ‘gotcha vote’ which alienates Americans from their government… Democrats refuse to play the Republicans’ game,” House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said. “We’re not falling for this trap.”

Democrats seem to forget they were exposed proposing the bill in the first place was a political stunt by them. Now they are upset because Republicans beat them at their own game.


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