WATCH: Video, Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes false claims about unemployment and capitalism!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 17, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a 28-year-old Socialist who upset long sitting Democrat in New York race.

Alexandria has been the darling of the left making her rounds on Left-Wing shows, where they prop her up as a new face of the Democrat Party. However, she exposes her-self as either uneducated or a liar in an interview with “Firing Line”. In this interview she is asked questions about her thoughts on Socialism and how Capitalism is failing (Which it is not failing it is flourishing).


The Interview kicks off talking about Democrat Socialist members have increased over the last two years. Alexandria is asked why young people seem to be leaning towards Democratic Socialism. She responds she was born in 1989 and her generation has not seen economic prosperity in this country.

However, this is a false claim. I was born in 1988 which is the same generation as Alexandria, and during this time the United States has been the strongest economy in the entire world. It is true we had a recession for roughly 5 years, but out side of that the economy has been rather strong and prosperous.

The interviewer stated the economy is going pretty strong right now with a 3.9% unemployment and asks “do you believe capitalism is failing”?

Alexandria responds:

“Well, I think, the numbers that you just talked about is part of the problem,” Ocasio-Cortez replied. “Because we look at these figures and we say ‘unemployment is low, everything is fine, right?'”

“Well, unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs,” Ocasio-Cortez falsely stated. “Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their kids.”

Recently stats were shown in a previous article I wrote that part-time workers were down for people who couldn’t find full time employment. Which means people aren’t needing 2 part-time jobs because they are finding full-time employment. Also Food Stamps have been on a steep decline which means people are easily feeding their kids.

Alexandria continued,

“Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world,” Alexandria continued, “When this country started we were not always a capitalist and did not operate as a capitalist economy.”

When the United States was formed we were a capitalist country and operated as a capitalist economy. The Founders were enthralled in the idea of capitalism in 1776 when Adam Smith published his book “Wealth of a Nation”. They used the idea of capitalistic free market to create our economy at the start of the United States.

The United States may need to look into adding rules with stricter age requirements in order to run for political office. I say this because Alexandria is only repeating what her College Professor have said in class. And it is clear from this interview she has never been challenged on her ideas.








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