More Evidence President Trump’s Economy is Strong!

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Article by Bryan Howard

July 16, 2018

If there were any doubt remaining to President Trump’s economy it could be laid to rest with the new stats.  Proving less people are forced into part-time jobs because they can’t find full time jobs since Trump took Office.

Currently unemployment has reached as low as 3.8% a 50-year low, and minority unemployment at an all-time low. Since President Trump took office there have been over 2.5 million jobs created.

However, this is not the only stats that prove President Trumps economy is doing great for jobs. Fox News Research came out with stats that show less people who seek Full time positions are forced to work part time.

Fox News Research: Americans working part time because hours were cut back or they couldn’t find a full-time job:

  • June 2010: 8.6M
  • June 2011: 8.4M
  • June 2012: 8.1M
  • June 2013: 8.1M
  • June 2014: 7.4M
  • June 2015: 6.4M
  • June 2016: 5.8M
  • June 2017: 5.3M
  • June 2018: 4.7M (lowest since Dec 2007)

This means the unemployment rate is a real statistic that has zero flaws that go along with it. Many argue unemployment is skewed because we don’t know how many are working part-time jobs and not counted in unemployment. Now we know Unemployment is low and people are getting full time jobs along with it.


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