Democrats are not supporting Dianne Feinstein for re-election, instead they are supporting a younger Socialist!

(Photos: Denis Poroy/AP)

Article by Bryan Howard

July 16, 2018


The California Democrat party voted against supporting Dianne Feinstein for re-election of California Senate. Instead they voted to support her opponent Kevin de Leon.

Kevin de Leon received 65% of the votes while 28% voted for no endorsement. Dianne Feinstein received only 7% of votes for endorsement.

Dianne Feinstein has been the California Senator for the last 25 years. She used to be known for being on the far Left of the Democrat Party. However, with the new radical movement of Socialism that has taken over the Democrat party Feinstein is now considered a moderate in her party. The California Democrat Party has warned they will not support her in re-election because they wanted a young Socialist to take her place.

The Young Socialist they want to replace Feinstein is Kevin de Leon, who is a 51-year-old that is nothing shy of Bernie Sanders Socialism. Kevin de Leon is pushing for “Abolish ICE”, Medicare for all, and 15-dollar minimum wage. Also, Kevin is a firm believer in the false pseudo-science of man-made climate change. Kevin is heavily supported by the Democratic Socialists of America organization.

Kevin de Leon stated:

“Tonight we showed the world what a truly unified Democratic Party looks like,” de Léon said. “California Democrats are leading the call for a bold agenda in Washington that puts people before politics & focuses on building a future for our state that works for everyone.”

The Democrat Party seems to be removing any politician that is not on the Bernie Sanders side of the Democrat Party. Which puts United States in a terrible position. Either the Democrats will fall apart because people reject the far-Left Socialism, or they will be voted in and the United States becomes Venezuela!


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