Lisa Page Former FBI Lawyer Uncooperative!


Article by Bryan Howard

July 11, 2018

Republican Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said, “Lisa Page has been in complete defiance of cooperation with the House, rejects Page’s excuse that she hasn’t had enough time to prepare.”

Lisa Page and her lawyer claimed there was not have enough time to prepare for the Subpoena to attend court. However, Goodlatte claims they have sent her 3 subpoenas over the last 7 months and she has not complied with one of them. He also claims they have been in contact with Page and her lawyer over the last month confirming of this Court date, and she still didn’t show.

Goodlatte states “Lisa Page apparently has something to hide” in reference of her missing these meetings. He later goes on saying they will hold her in contempt if she doesn’t start cooperating soon.

This is another red flag in the whole Trump Russia Collusion claim. With new information being released over the last few weeks it is starting to look like the FBI was out to frame Trump.


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