Democrats Put Their Tin Foil Hats On!

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Article by Bryan Howard

July 10, 2018

Democrats have slipped in panic conspiracy mode before President Trump announced his nomination for Supreme Court. They claimed this will destroy the constitution and President Trump will pick religious Conservative Zealot.

However, now we know President Trump picked Brett Kavanagh, who is a moderate in today’s standards as his nomination. One would think Democrats would be joyful today! But that would be wishful thinking, instantly Democrats went into insane rhetoric of conspiracies and zealously.

A protest was waiting at the Supreme Court for the nomination to be announced. Keep in mind these protestors had no clue who the nomination was going to be, which shows they were going to protest no matter who was announced. Conspiracy theories instantly started on Main Stream Media about Kavanaugh once he was announced, showing very little journalistic integrity.

On Ari Melber from MSNBC, Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse tells Ari Melber that “the Judiciary Committee process has become a “joke” as a result of “special interests” infiltrating the Supreme Court nomination process and warns that Supreme Court cases are not being won on the “merits” of the case”.

Chuck Schumer on Morning Joe (Fake Republican Host) said Kavanagh is an extreme Right-wing Judge who will remove Woman’s rights and Health Care.

Senator Warren Calls Kavanagh a political animal, also saying he will remove woman’s rights remove millions from having health care.

Corey Booker was on Rachael Maddow’s show claiming he will do whatever he can to stop the nomination. Making claims that this judge will prevent voting rights of citizens.

The largest conspiracy floating around Main Stream Media is Kavanagh was picked because he won’t allow Trump to be prosecuted. Due to the fact Kavanagh wrote a piece back in 2009 while Obama was president “a president should not be indicted during their presidential terms”. Democrats have added this to their wild fire conspiracy of Russia Gate, which has proven to be a witch hunt against President Trump and not one shred of evidence to prove otherwise.

Conservatives should get ready to fill your mug with “Leftists Tears” (term from the daily wire) because we are about to witness Democrat temper tantrums this week.



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