The Queen is Not Dead, Yet!

Photo: Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

July 9, 2018

The New York Post claimed Hillary Clinton could be forming a campaign team for a presidential run in 2020.

Michael Goodwin who wrote the column claimed, Hillary amped up usage of her “Onward together”-branded communications. And she has been stating they are heavily involved in the Anti-Trump movement.

Hillary always looking for attention has said, she raised One-Million dollars for the border crises. Also, she has created a new group called “Demand Justice” which is a group that is designed to fight against the SCOTUS replacement of Anthony Kennedy. Brian Fallon former Hillary Clinton campaign press secretary oversees “Demand Justice”.

As we know Hillary Clinton does not do anything without a motive. However, there’s only one thing that would motivate Hillary Clinton. It seems evident She is gearing up for her third Presidential run in 2020!


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