Chuck Schumer Goes Nuclear Plan!


Article by Bryan Howard

July 9, 2018

President Donald Trump is set to release his nominee for Supreme Court Monday night. This has set Democrats and the media in a frenzy, speculating who the pick will be and what the Supreme Court will do when the nominee takes their seat. Chuck Schumer has threatened fellow Democrats if they support President Trumps Nominee he will refuse to support them in their mid-term re-elections.

Schumer has put the moderate Democrats from the slightly red states in a tough spot. If the Democrats in slight red states don’t support Trumps nominee they risk their chances at re-election. But if they do Support Trumps nominee Schumer will black list them in the Democrat party.

Chuck Schumer showed desperation on his ill-thought out strategy. If he is successful in preventing Trumps nominee this will come in the result of Democrats losing the mid-terms. And Trump will be able to easily push in his next nominee after mid-terms.


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