Donald Trump may not be the President you want, but he is the President we need!

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Article by Bryan Howard

July 7, 2018

The Era of Radical Leftism

On January 20, 2009 Barack Obama took office five days following his statement: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming this country”. As constitution loving conservatives, we will forever remember this date because this is the moment Obama and the extreme Left decided to declare war against the Constitution and conservatives.

The Obama administration, the media, and Universities were pushing extreme Left-wing politics, while castigating all Conservatives as evil racists Nazis. Outraged patriotic citizens decided to create the Tea Party movement, with goals to fight back against attacks on the Constitution and Conservatives. This is where Obama used Government and media as a weapon to target the Tea Party and many conservative groups. Obama used Lois Lerner and the IRS to target Tea Party and conservative groups, preventing them from becoming tax exempt which they were entitled to. It was a way to keep conservative voices unheard. The media took every opportunity to claim the Tea Party were a bunch of radical extremists causing violence, which is not true; protests were always peaceful and in front of government buildings.

The Rise of Conservatives

After 8 years of Obama and the radical Left targeting half the population, conservatives decided enough is enough. Donald Trump announced he was running for president for the 2016 presidential election, which caused the Left to lose their mind. Many conservatives did not like Trump, and he was unlikely to win the primaries because voters did not believe he was a true Conservative. However, as the media was on a relentless attack, Trump showed he would stand up to the fascistic tactics of the media and Democrats. Trump won us over with his brash, vulgar ways, establishing he could take a hit and give one back twice as hard. After we ran two unsuccessful candidates in McCain and Romney who refused to fight back, we knew the Republican party needed a candidate who won’t be afraid of the Fascistic tactics of the Democrats.

Once Donald Trump won the Republican primaries the media onslaught and rhetoric was dialed up against Trump. Typically, in the past the Republican would back down and not defend his base and his stances. Trump doubled down, defended his base and got in the trenches against the evils of the Left. The Left went crazy because it has been a long time since there had a Republican who didn’t back down and gave the rhetoric right back.

Finally, we had a candidate with a strong backbone and understood how to fight against the Left, and we witnessed the Left lose their mind. This is how Trump became President, we could rally behind him and have a leader speak up against the abusive ways of the Left. We were no longer an unheard voice that has been silenced.

As much as we loved the way Trump stood up for Conservatives, we feared whether he would govern like a true Conservative. In the past, he didn’t have true Conservative stances nor talked like a Conservative. To our surprise, nearly two years into his presidency this has been the most conservative policies we have ever witnessed in the modern era. Since President Trumps tax cuts, our economy is the greatest economy in human history. President Trump has been selecting great conservative judges for the lower circuits and the Supreme Court. Also, Trump has cut 22 regulations for every regulation added. The only gripe we have with Trump is his tariffs and not targeting the deficit. Even with those few issues, he has been the greatest President since Reagan.

With President Trump’s success, the Left intensified up their extreme ways. President Trump exposed Democrats for who they truly are. We all knew the Democrat party was flirting with Socialism but we weren’t sure to what extent. Now that the Democrats have been driven so mad by Trump, they have showed their true colors of being Socialists/Communists. We have seen the Democrat Party fully embrace the Bernie Sanders side of party, to the point it has taken over like an infectious virus.

The exposure of the radical nature of the Democrat party has driven many Democrat voters straight to the Republican base, or to independents. Either way, Democrats are losing a voter base at potentially record numbers with a #walkaway movement. The #walkaway stands for lifelong Democrats who no longer support the radicalness of the Left. These are not mainstream journalists who are touting out in the media that they are leaving the party, like we have seen on the Republican side. These are real normal day Americans the Democrat party are losing. During this time, President Trump remains to be harassed by the Left. However, President Trump always one-ups them with witty comebacks, and showing support for the real working-class American who needs a voice.

The Time for Fighting Back

President Reagan used to answer questions about how he felt when he lost the primaries to Gerald Ford in 1976. President Reagan answered, “God knew 1976 wasn’t meant for me to be president, because all the allies I needed around the world were not yet in positions of power for the fight against the evils of Communism. God planned for 1980 for me to win because that is when I would have the allies in position for the fight against Communism”. I believe President Reagan was right, God planned for Ronald Reagan to be president of the free world for 1980 because that is when we needed him most. The timing was too perfect not to be determined by God. I also believe the same is true with President Trump. President Trump is not the most refined individual, but the refined individual is not who we needed in this time. God knows we have another fight against the evils of Communism on our hands so he gave us a fighter in President Trump. My final message to the remaining Anti-Trump Republicans, Donald Trump may not be the President you wanted, but he is the President we need!


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