Has Main Stream Media Been Telling the Truth About Military Discharging Immigrants?

Article by Bryan Howard

July 7, 2018

The media is spreading headlines claiming Trump is being an Xenophobe racist trying to remove any immigrant from the military. For example, the Associated Press ran a headline ““US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits.” This is a misleading title giving the illusion that anyone who is an immigrant is being kicked out. And the Media wonders why we call them “Fake News”!

Unlike the media is claiming the military is not kicking people out for being immigrants. Here are the facts, the Military has discharged a few immigrants for being labeled as security risks, because they have relatives abroad or because the Defense Department had not completed background checks on them. These are very solid reasons for discharging individuals. If a background check has not been completed you cannot be in the military, that is a risk for all Americans.

According to the Defense Department:

“There were a little over 40 military service men that were discharged. But they were only enlisted not active members, nor attended boot camp. Defense Department said the 40 or so prospective enlistees were likely among 1,100 people in a “delayed entry program” and in the process of undergoing a “suitability review” that is similar to a background check.”

“They weren’t actually in the service and they were receiving their adjudication from that process,” Major Carla Gleason told The Post. “For some reason those individuals, after that suitability review, were determined to be not eligible to serve in the Army.”

Once again, the media has been caught in spreading “FAKE NEWS” trying to spread propaganda. At this point Main Stream Media might as well be claiming the spotted Big Foot or claiming Elvis is alive!


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