Feminists Go On “Sex Strike”!


Article by Bryan Howard

July 6, 2018

Feminists who are Pro-abortion are going on a sex strike, to protest changes to Roe V. Wade. This is kind of odd considering the fact most of their protests end up with them naked in the streets screaming obscenities. Also, the irony in this is, Conservatives have been preaching for these Feminists to stop sleeping with every man they see, that they won’t need an abortion.

Harper Bazaar Editor-at-large Jennifer Wright called for a Sex Strike in fear of the new Supreme Court will overturn Roe V. Wade.  Wright called for all her Pro-Abortion allies on twitter to join her in this statement.

“We’re very likely to lose Roe Vs. Wade. Some men may think that doesn’t concern them. Make it,” posted Wright, adding, “If you’re single and dating, add a [female judge] emoji to your dating profiles to show people you won’t date/sleep with anyone who doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose.”

I hate to break it to these Feminists, most people that are Pro-Life typically don’t jump in the bed on the first date. The Left are always thinking in such shallow terms, where they believe everything must revolve around them and sex. Therefore, most of their protests fizzle out quickly.


One thought on “Feminists Go On “Sex Strike”!

  1. The gov does not care about their vag’s. The gov only cares about what they create with vag. When the create life and want to kill life…that is when the gov cares.

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