Study Shows Woman are More Attracted to Traditional Men Over Feminists Men!

Photo: Youtube screen shot

Article by Bryan Howard

July 6, 2018

A recent study conducted by University of Kent and Iowa State University showed, Woman find traditional men who can protect and provide more attractive than a feminist man. The scientists stated, “Women are more attracted to men who are sexist because they think they are more willing to protect them, provide for them and commit to a relationship”.

However, in the study they used the term sexists rather than traditional men. Scientists in this study defined it as “well-meaning sexists, who felt woman need to be protected and were chivalrous.” Even staunch Feminists showed they preferred protective men over men who believed woman didn’t need protecting.

Researchers on this Study said, woman may be hard-wired to find protective men attractive for survival instinct at a sub-conscious level. This goes along with the four main qualities woman have been found in studies to be attracted to in the past, which our Popularity, Money, Muscles, and Intelligence.

The only question is why are we wasting time and money to conduct research that we have known since the creation of man? Third wave Feminists and Leftists have spread hatred in society against a traditional man to the point men are no longer acting like men.

Because men no longer act like men in today’s society, particularly men 35 or younger (yes, I am 30 and a part of this group), I am calling for men to man up! How men can man up is start by cherishing your wife, fiancé, or girlfriend. Be loyal to them and your kids if you have any. A way to show you cherish your spouse is start opening the door for her whenever you enter a building or car, hold an umbrella over her head when it rains, and do not speak with a foul mouth around her. In past generations men would not speak with foul language around woman because it was deemed disrespectful, and that foul language was only meant for men talking to one another. If another man disrespects your wife stand up for her, because your main role as a man is to be a protector.

It is time for men to bring back decency to our culture and we have allowed Leftists and third wave Feminists to degrade our culture. Now is time to take a stand, by bringing back the old traditional valued man. God mad men to be protectors, which means It is our job to be protectors and our culture needs protecting.


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