Trump Narrows Supreme Court Justice List to 3!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 5, 2018

President Donald Trump held an interview with 6 potential candidates for the nomination of the next Supreme Court Justice. The six people he interviewed were Appeals court judges Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge, Amy Coney Barrett, Amul Thapar, Joan Larsen and Thomas Hardiman.

Mike Lee shockingly was not on this list of six, but potentially gave input on the six members. Who were the three that made the cut? According to Fox News Multiple sources indicated Kavanaugh, Kethledge and Barrett are currently the focus of attention. If this is true some are exciting and some are not great for the Conservative movement.

Kavanaugh would be the worst option for all conservatives if he becomes the nomination pick. He is not a strong Conservative and is willing to float to the Left on many stances. Kavanaugh worked with the Bush administration and even ruled in favor of Obamacare in a case he handled. Which the case on Obamacare Kavanaugh’s ruling was dead wrong, because he claimed it is not a government overreach to penalize individuals who don’t get insurance, due to the fact the perceived penalty was a tax. Any individual who study’s law on their free time would know that is considered a punishment not allowable by the government.

The Person we Conservatives need to be cheering for is Amy Coney Barrett. She is a true Conservative with a strong backbone. Barrett is a 48-year-old female, which would make her instantly the youngest member on the Court. Also, Barrett was a former Law Clerk for Antonin Scalia, who is considered the greatest Supreme Court Justice in the modern era by most Conservatives. I have faith President Trump will do the right thing and nominate Amy Coney Barrett and make America Great.

President Trump is expected to have an official nomination on Monday. Hopefully we will hear the name Amy Coney Barrett!


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