Chuck Schumer Urges President Trump to Nominate Merrik Garland for SCOTUS!


Article by Bryan Howard

July 5, 2018

Democrats have been in panic mode once Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. Democrats are realizing there is nothing they can do to prevent a Conservative Supreme Court Justice. The Deplorable, Democrats speaker of the House Chuck Schumer, showed his desperation by having the audacity to tell President Trump who he should nominate for Supreme Court.

Chuck Schumer was showing his desperation when he suggested to President Trump he should nominate none other than Merrick Garland, who was the Obama nomination in 2016 that Republicans did not vote in. We could only imagine President Trump Scoffed over the phone when Schumer suggested Garland.

Schumer has been claiming a SCOTUS should not be picked during an election year. However, it seems he forgets that Elena Kagan was selected in May of 2010 during a mid-term election year. Elena Kagan was selected by Obama and voted in by the Democrat led senate.


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