Why Democrats Want Forced Public Unions!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 4, 2018

When the Supreme Court decided to make Public Unions a right to work, Democrats have lost their minds! Why does the Democrat party seem so invested in keeping Public Unions forced membership? Do Democrats care about the Unions and worker’s rights, or is there an ulterior motive that is driving the Democrats outrage!

The public Union is 1/3 of all government jobs. In 2017 there were 7.2 million Public Union members, and these are memberships by force not choice.  Obviously, a good chunk of these members wanted to be in the Union, however there clearly were a certain amount who did not want to be members. If everyone wanted to be a member of the Public Union then the Union nor Democrats would be freaking out about the Ruling in the Supreme Court.

With 7.2 million members paying Union fees, the Unions turn around and donate this money to political campaigns. In 2016 the Unions donated 64.6 million to political campaigns, and 90 percent of that went to Democrats. That is a massive amount of money going into Democrats hands, which explains why Democrats are invested into the Public Union.

However, with this ruling, how many will drop out of the Union and what would be the losses in campaign donations for Democrats. With a fair guesstimate let’s say 25 percent of the 7.2 million members drop membership! That would make the Public Union drop down to 5.4 million members. This would be a massive hit for the Public Union, but with losing that many members you will lose 25 percent of the 64.6 million in political donations to campaigns. This would result in the campaign donations dropping down to 48.45 million.

Now that we broke down the money aspect and potential loses we can understand why democrats want to keep a forced membership, because this has been their cash cow for many years.


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