Poll Shows Republicans Are Patriotic, While Democrats Are Not!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 4, 2018

The Gallup conducted a poll for the fourth of July. The questions posed by the Gallup were, “How proud are you to be an American — extremely proud, very proud, moderately proud, only a little proud or not at all?”

Forty-Seven percent responded They were extremely proud to be an American. Which is sad considering this is the greatest Nation known to man, with Freedom for all and a great economy.

Let’s look at how this was broken down based on political party. Republicans responded 74 percent are Extremely Proud to be Americans. We can conclude Republicans are proud of America and what it stands for. Which is not a shock since the Republicans are the party of conserving the Constitution.

How about the Democrats, did they respond in favor of America? No, Democrats responded with a 32 percent are Extremely proud to be Americans. This poll is telling, Democrat supporters are not found of American ideas. We should not be shocked considering Democrats are the party promoting Socialism, which is as far from American ideas as one could get!

The question is will Democrats look within themselves and figure out why they are not patriotic? My suggestion is stop reading fake history books like Howard Zinn who promotes anti-American founding’s, and start reading the federalist papers written by the Founding Fathers.


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