Walmart Joins the Radical Left, Selling Impeach 45 shirts!


Article by Bryan Howard

July 3, 2018

Walmart has been the store of small town conservatives. We love to go to one shop stop superstores at low prices. However, it seems Walmart is joining the ranks of the elitists on the Left and targeting Conservatives. Earlier this year they took a strong stance against AR-15’s and anything that resembles the looks of one. For example, they stopped selling non-lethal toy guns that look like an AR-15. This policy was not received well by many Conservatives, but many of us wrote it off as potentially not a direct shot at our group.

Walmart found a way to get the message across loud and clear how they feel about Conservatives by selling shirts saying, “Impeach 45”. This is in reference of the Impeach President Trump Movement.

Wal-Mart Impeach 45

With all the political divide in America today I believe it is in poor taste for Walmart to capitalize off this rhetoric, especially when there are no grounds of Impeachment on Trump. Unlike Obama who should have been Impeached after 2009. If you go to the On-line web page of Walmart you will find many different styles of ant-Trump shirts you can buy, if this is not a clear message they don’t want Conservatives to shop there, I don’t know what is?

This has been met with plenty of backlash starting a #boycottWalmart trend on Twitter. I for one will never shop at Walmart again, same way I stopped shopping at Dicks Sporting Goods. We Conservatives need to send a strong message to these companies by refusing to shop with them. And only spend your money with conservative valued companies.


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