Why We Should Stop Calling Democrats Liberals!

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Article by Bryan Howard

July 2, 2018


Many of you may have noticed I never refer to Democrats as Liberal, but as Leftists, and I will explain why in this article! The Democrats for a long time has been referred to as “Liberals” but is this an accurate label for them? Or was this term even theirs to begin with?

The term Liberal means someone who is looking for freedom and opposes large government authoritarianism! At this point you must ask yourself, does this represent the Democrats and their beliefs? Answer, NO it doesn’t! Democrats are pushing for large centralized government and pushing for the removal of the first and second amendment.

Let’s talk about the history of the term “Liberal”. The Founding Fathers are considered and called Liberals, because they believed in freedom from tyranny and government overreach. Which is why they liberated themselves from King George. Lincoln created the Republican party and carried the term and values of Liberalism, because Lincoln and the Republicans were about freeing slaves from the tyranny of Democrats overreach with treatment of minorities. These men were strong willed men who had a backbone. During their times they witnessed abusive power of government, but none of them whined, cried, or threw temper tantrums. They picked themselves up by the bootstraps and fought back like men!

If the Founding Fathers and Republicans were Liberals how did Democrats get the term? In 1930s FDR (A Fascists President) stole the term from Republicans and gave it to Democrats with the creation of the New Deal. The New Deal is FDR’s policies for creating a new America, modeled after Italy’s Mussolini’s Fascism. FDR sold it to the public as a true freedom of life if we lived under Fascism, where government ran your life for you. This is when Republicans went with the term of “Conservative”, meaning conserving the ideas of the Founding Fathers. In other words, conserving true Liberalism.

Fast forward to today, and Democrats have moved even further to the Left, demanding for Democratic Socialism (Communism). This is not Liberalism and has never been, which is why I refuse to call Democrats as a good term like Liberal. We should only refer to Democrats as “Leftists” or “Statists” because they are pushing for complete government control over our lives.



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