Socialist Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Speaks About 18-year-old Groping Allegations!


Article by Bryan Howard

July 2, 2018

Justin Trudeau is an extreme Socialist who has been Prime Minister of Canada since 2013. Once Trudeau took power over Canada has been destroying the culture of Canada, even removing free speech by passing hate speech laws. Trudeau has even been championed by the feminists and media as a protector of woman.

The problem is Trudeau has a serious allegation against him for groping a female reporter 18 years ago, and he finally spoke about it publicly for the first time on Sunday. Channeling his inner Bill Clinton stating,

“I remember that day in Creston well, it was an Avalanche Foundation event to support avalanche safety,” Trudeau told reporters in Regina on Sunday. “I had a good day that day. I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all.”

These allegations first appeared in the year 2000 in an op-ed published by Creston Valley Advance, soon after the music festival in Creston, British Columbia. The Canadian Press Reported:

“In the days that followed, an editorial appeared in the Creston Valley Advance alleging Trudeau had apologized to an unnamed female reporter at the newspaper after “groping” her at the event. It alleged he told the woman he would not have “been so forward” if he had known she was reporting for a national newspaper.”

“The unsigned editorial resurfaced recently and has led to calls for the prime minister to address the allegations.”

Trudeau apparently believes it is ok groping woman if they aren’t on a national newspaper. Yet, the media has covered this man like he is a her, this even happens in the United States. I guess it’s sage to say Left wing biased is all over the globe in the media!



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