University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll Shows NFL Anthem Protest Destroyed Fan Base in Texas.

Article by Bryan Howard

June 30, 2018

The University of Texas/Texas Tribune conducted a poll, to see how favorable the NFL is among individuals in Texas. They split it in three ethnic/race backgrounds, White, Black, and Hispanic. Each person was asked how they viewed the NFL; favorable, unfavorable, or no opinion.

Before we get to the results let’s have a little background on Texas and football. Texas has the largest fanbase for football, to the point that Highschool and University stadiums are always full. Therefore, they are referred as the capital of Football! In Texas locals will attend their Highschool football games even if they don’t know any kid on the team. Also, in Texas many Highschool football coaches make $100,000 or more as a yearly salary, where most states football coaches are lucky to make $40,000 as a yearly salary.  Popularity in Football has not dropped in Texas, if anything the sport’s popularity has grown. Therefore, Texas is a great sample for finding out how they feel about the NFL, and if it has a relation to the Anthem protest.

The poll showed 26% of all Texas found the NFL favorable, while 47% found it unfavorable. But let’s break it down by ethnic/race background. For white people 20% found the NFL favorable, while 55% found it unfavorable. How did Hispanic people respond to this poll? 29% found the NFL favorable, while 39% found it unfavorable. And finally, how about black people? 49% found the NFL favorable, while 24% found it unfavorable.


This poll shows the NFL is not very favorable in the great state of Texas, yet we know football is a highly popular sport in this state. So, this must be taken seriously as a real indication on the impact of the political rhetoric such as the National Anthem protest in the NFL. Some attribute the lack of viewership of NFL games to concussions or lack of hard hits. However, these issues still exist at the high school and college level, and yet in Texas those games are as popular as ever. The only difference for NFL is the National Anthem protest, so by this poll one should conclude many people have been turned off by the Protest. Sports need to take a lesson from the NFL, and realize most sports fans are Patriot Loving Conservatives, who do not like false Leftists’ narratives.


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