Trumps Tax Cut Brings Back Billions From Overseas!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 1, 2018

CEO’s of major companies are bringing back money from overseas at historic according to economists.

Fox News Business reported, in the first quarter of 2018 alone 300 billion dollars of foreign investments were brought back to the USA. This is because the CEOs are taking advantage of Trumps new tax reform last December.

What does this mean for how much taxes are brought back for the government? The 300 billion in investments will bring 45 billion in taxes. I guess Democrats claim is wrong when they said we lost money due to the tax cuts!

The removal of high taxation and the Obama regulations to punish any company when they return, has brought great things for our economy! However, this is not all that is expected to improve. Economists are expecting with CEOs bringing back investments will increase our GDP projections by at least 3%.

Fox News Business also reported, CEOs are waiting in the wings for the moment Trumps tax cuts become permanent before they bring their assets from overseas. There is 45 Trillion dollars of assets sitting over waiting to return to the USA when the tax cuts become permanent.


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