The Extinction of The Republican Rino!

Article by Bryan Howard

June 27, 2018

The Republican Party has been ruled by the Rino Republicans, arguably since the late 1800’s. This can be traced back to when Progressivism entered the USA and ever since, we have seen Republicans in the establishment concede to the Progressive Democrat party every chance they get, in fear of losing votes. Because of this we have lost many rights and freedoms to where the Founding Fathers would not be able to recognize the great nation they built.

However, the conservative take-back of the Republican party started with William F. Buckley Jr. in the 1950s, followed by Barry Goldwater. However, these were a rare few in the Republican Party. During this time the Republican party were majority Rino Republicans, who believed to gain votes they should give in to Democrat policies.

The Conservative movement into the Republican party didn’t start gaining traction until President Reagan in 1980. He may have been the first true Conservative President since the entering of Progressivism in the USA. Reagan was an outsider who did not surrender to the Progressive Left, but was able to garner support from voters with his charismatic ways. But Reagan had a media onslaught similar to how President Trump has been treated. Unfortunately for Reagan, there were no true allies in the Republican party for him to turn to. For Instance, his Vice President Bush Sr. was not a supporter of President Reagan and called his economic plan “vudu economics” even though President Reagan saved our country from economic collapse.  When Bush Sr. ran for President he claimed he was going to govern with a compassionate Conservatism, insinuating Conservatism is not compassionate. George Bush Sr. was an example of how eager Republicans were willing to submit to the Democrats.

President Reagan changed the Conservative culture, not necessarily the establishment of Republicans, but for youth and future generations. Therefore, we didn’t see an instant change in the Republican party. However, we did see a change in the Democrat party. Reagan forced Democrats to run more moderate candidates and policies, which is why Bill Clinton won in 1992. Yes, I know Bill Clinton is corrupt, but he ran on moderate policies for the most part during his Presidential terms.

Enter George W. Bush. He is also not a true conservative. Bush Jr. ran on a “compassionate conservatism” platform, meaning he will allow for government to try to solve social problems. This is not compassion. It is evil because it fails every time and makes things worse (Ex. No Child Left Behind Act). The George Bush era had many Rino Conservatives running around, which is why Bush policies failed or didn’t perform to standards we Conservatives expect for the most part.

In 2009, the Tea Party movement began! Majority of the Tea Party is hard-lined Conservative Constitutionalists. This group gathered such large support it struck fear in Obama and all Democrats, which forced the Republican party to start going to the Strong Conservative platform.

Now in 2018, we are seeing a complete takeover of the Republican party of true hard-lined Conservatives thanks to the Tea Party. This is removing many of the weak Rino Republicans from their seats to true Conservatives, or forcing them to be more Conservative so they can remain in their seat.

But the mission to remove the Rino Republican is not over, and we can’t stop fighting now that we are having success. Currently, one of the worst Rino Republicans is John McCain, who is nothing shy of a socialist Democrat himself. McCain, I understand is deathly ill and I wish him the best for the remainder of his life, however this does not excuse him from criticism as a politician. McCain has caused much harm to the Conservative movement and arguably to the same extent as any major Democrat politician. McCain has voted against the Republicans in every vote that matters for the Conservative movement, and is the type of Rino we need to make sure never enters the Republican party again.

Another Rino Republican that has been causing issues for the Conservative movement is Jeff Flake (Senator AZ). Jeff Flake has made recent headlines bashing Trump and refusing to work with the Conservative movement. Jeff Flake is very weak on commitment to Conservatives and will flip to the other side of the aisle fast for his personal gain. Flake is refusing to vote in judges that Trump is nominating because of Trump tariffs. Don’t get me wrong, I agree tariffs are awful and we shouldn’t have them, but that is not a reason to prevent good conservative judges from being on a seat. Arizona needs to get its act together and stop voting in the weak Rino Conservatives.

Let us not forget about the Rino, John Kasich, who was becoming the darling of Democrat voters in the Republican primaries. John Kasich is as soft as silk. This man has no backbone and will give into any pressure from the left.

I am embarrassed that any of these men are seated in the Republican party, however they are a dying breed and the new wave of Conservatives like Ted Cruz are taking over in bunches. Conservatives have been speaking with their votes, we no longer will support a weak Rino Republican. I believe within the next ten years we may have an untainted Conservative party.

We are now seeing the removal of Rino Republicans from the Supreme Court with the appointing of Neil Gorsuch, and now Anthony Kennedy retiring. Anthony Kennedy was always quick to take opportunities to vote for Democrat rulings. Now, Trump has promised to Nominate a strong Conservative into the Supreme Court Justice seat.

What does the Republican party future look like? The main leaders in the Republican party are young and strong Conservatives, such as Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, and Steve Scalise. In other words, the Conservative movement has never been stronger and is only building momentum. There’s no future moving forward with the Rino Republicans and we need to finish the extinction!


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